Minimal Block is a blog page project aiming to become a digital encyclopedia in the field of technology. The articles we will share within the framework of Minimal Block are actually the result of our team's efforts to make what they have learned permanent and to provide accurate and detailed information to technology enthusiasts in the information pollution in the digital information sharing environment.
Since the existence of the Internet, attacks targeting systems, users and firms have been carried out for multiple purposes. With the development of Internet laws and information ethics, deterrent methods have started to be implemented against cyber attacks. Cyber attacks that can have devastating effects can make a system unusable for a long time or end it radically. DoS and DDoS attacks which are the most common of these attacks target servers and user information. Let's take a brief look at what these attacks are and their history.
DApps, decentralized applications, have emerged with the introduction of smart contracts into our lives after the blockchain technology, which is the opposite of centralized applications. People are started to become more familiar with these applications with the resurgence of Web 3.0. What are DApps? What is its difference from the centralized apps? What kind of advantages they have? Let’s start if you wonder the answers.