Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

If you are someone who has just started or will start researching artificial intelligence, you may be interested in the topic that we will be examining. What is this subject? Project ideas that you can prepare using artificial intelligence. Let's look at this together.

1. Messaging Bots (ChatBot)

Messaging bots, which we often encounter on websites, mobile and desktop applications, use artificial intelligence technology in the background. These bots, which are trained to give logical answers according to your messages, use various algorithms.

Messaging bots use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques. The inputs given to these bots are analyzed and sent as output (message) to the opposite party. It trains itself based on these when it encounters new patterns during messaging.

2. Recommendation Systems

Suggestion systems are used in e-commerce sites, video platforms and search engines. While you are reviewing a product, similar product advertisements that you come across are created by the analysis of your behavior by artificial intelligence technology.

For a start, you can develop small-scale recommendation systems that use artificial intelligence. It can be a system that makes suggestions according to similar colors, or software that analyzes and classifies and makes suggestions by analyzing news content. To increase the samples;

Music recommendation application,

3. Predictive Text

Have you come across the recommended words for you to complete when you start typing a word? For example, after writing "come", the words "I will come", "I am coming", "I have come" are recommended. Artificial intelligence is also used here. You can create a small-scale project with word prediction.

4. Photo Identification Systems

Artificial intelligence is improved with data. Photo-identifying artificial intelligences also need a lot of photo data. In such a project, after you teach your software the datasets containing photos, you can ask order it to classify and define the images. You can also use photo identifiers that are often used in artificial intelligence in your projects.

5. Artificial Intelligences that Recognize Signs

 Due to the large number of deaths and traffic accidents caused by inattention of the driver, automakers are trying to integrate ADAS systems with artificial intelligence and CV. One of the functions that helps the driver is traffic sign recognition. This is a technology by which a vehicle can recognize road signs placed on the road, e.g. the "speed limit" or "give way" or "stop" is all made possible with the help of computer vision and Convolutional Neural Networks.

6. Inappropriate Content Identification Systems

You can write artificial intelligence software that examines and classifies malicious articles, videos, or documents that contain slang/profanity. For example, when you send a message to the other party, your artificial intelligence can examine the message and determine if it contains a bad word, or see if a slang word is used in the documents.

7. Classifying Artificial Intelligence

After your artificial intelligence is trained with the correct data sets, it gains the ability to classify the data. For example, an artificial intelligence that you teach people, animals, traffic lights, buildings will later become more or less able to understand the objects on the street.

Another example. An artificial intelligence that you train with photos of fruits of various types can classify the fruits on your plate.

8. Typo Correction Systems

There may be mistakes that we miss when writing. It is important that errors are shown in such cases. For a start, you can write an artificial intelligence that studies errors based on your own language.

9. Systems for Interpreting Handwriting

You can write an artificial intelligence that digitizes handwritten numbers or texts.

10. Artificial Intelligence that Determines the Color Intensity

You can write an artificial intelligence project that sorts out to what extent which color is used.

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